Michael J Good
Acoustic Guitarist / Vocalist


From up-beat to ethereal, a unique mix of acoustic guitar and vocal arrangements -- 

covers and original compositions encompassing multiple genres and styles

Since 1995 Michael J. Good has been providing entertaining featured music performances as well as ambiance music throughout venues 

all over the Pacific Northwest. An accomplished acoustic guitarist and vocalist, Mike has performed for clients and audiences 

diverse and vast--Chateau Ste Michelle, Salish Lodge, Microsoft campus, Demeties Woodstone Traverna, 

memorial services, weddings, wine tasting rooms and more.   


Friday 5/17/2019 Chateau Ste Michelle. 6:30-8:30. Member event

Thursday 5/23/2019 Easy Monkey Taphouse Shoreline WA 7-9pm

Saturday 5/25/2019 Michael Whelan daughter's graduation. Time TBD. Private event

Sunday 5/26/2019 Cave B, Woodinville Wine Dist. 4-7pm

Saturday 6/1/2019 Dan Sanchez Wedding. 5pm Private event

Tuesday Seattle Children's Hospital 10-12. Private event

Friday 6/14/2019 Garden Tour Pre-func. Evening TBD. Private event

Saturday 6/15/2019 Lake Forest Park Secret Garden Tour. Location/time TBD. Tickets available. http://www.secretgardensoflakeforestpark.com/

Saturday 6/22/2019 Molten Glass Works Woodinville Wine Dist 7-9pm. Tickets available www.moltenworksglass.com

Wednesday 6/26/2019 Emerald Heights Senior Living 3:30-6pm. Private event

Friday 6/28/2019 Brian Carter Cellars 4-7pm.

Saturday 6/29/2019 Danforth Party. Private event

Thursday 7/4/201Jaqueline claessens 4-6:30pm  Mathews beach. Private event

Friday 7/5/2019 Columbia Winery - Woodinville. 4:30-6:30

Saturday 7/6/2019 Easy Monkey Taphouse. 8-10pm

Wednesday 7/10/2019 The Cottage Restaurant, Downtown Bothell. 6-9pm

Thursday 7/11/2019 Willow's Lodge Woodinville.  6-9pm

Saturday 8/10/2019 Hinrichs/Peth Wedding. Private event

Tuesday 8/20/2019   Emerald Heights Retirement Center 4-6pm

Thursday 8/22/2019 Willow's Lodge Woodinville. Times 6-9pm

Tuesday 8/27/2019 Children's Hospital 10-12. Private event

Wednesday 8/28/2019 The Cottage Restaurant, Downtown Bothell. 6-9pm

Wednesday 9/4/2019 Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. 1-3pm. Private event

Thursday 9/5/2019 Mill Creek Country Club. 6-9pm. Private event

Thursday 9/12/2019 Ryan Patrick Cellars. Woodinville Wine Dist. 5-8pm

Friday 9/13/2019 Madison Park Art Walk Seattle (At Madison Park Windermere) 6-9pm

Sunday 9/15/2019 Cave B Tasting Room. Woodinville Wine Dist. 2-5pm

Wednesday 9/18/2019 SCCA 1-3pm. Private event

Thursday 9/26/2019 Children's Hospital. 10-12pm. Private event

Saturday 9/28/2019 Bellevue Square at Robert Garaham. 12-3pm

Friday 10/4/2019 Willows Lodge Woodinvile. 6-9pm

Saturday 10/5/2019 Molten Glass Works Woodinville WA 7-9pm Tickets available at https://www.moltenworksglass.com/

Thursday 10/10/2019 Ryan Patrick / Milbrandt. 5-8pm

Friday 10/18/2019 Chateau Ste Michelle 6:15-8:30pm. Private event

Tuesday 10/22/2019 Children's Hospital 10-12pm. Private event

Wednesday 10/23/2019 The Cottage, Downtown Bothell. 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday 10/26/2019 Bellevue Square Mall at Robert Garaham. 1-4pm

Friday 11/8/2019 Willows Lodge Woodinville. 6-9pm

Saturday 11/9/2019. Recovery Cafe Fundraiser. 5:30-8pm. Private event

Tuesday 11/12/2019. Lake Forest Park Bar and Grill. Shorecrest Wrestling Fundraiser.  Function is from 5-10pm, 20% of all restaurant sales go to Shorecrest
Wrestling Team!!! Music 7-9pm. Come out and support your Scots!!! 

Thursday 11/14/2019 Children's Hospital 10-12pm. Private event

Friday 11/15/2019 Chateau Ste Michelle 6:15-8:30. Club Member event

Saturday 11/23/2019 Ryan Patrick / Milbrandt. Woodinville Wine Dist. 5-8pm

Friday 11/29/2019 Willows Lodge Woodinville 6-9pm

Saturday 11/30/2019 Easy Monkey Taphouse, with Marty Wray. 8-10pm

Sunday 12/1/2019 Sustainable Ballard Holiday Party. Time TBD. Private event

Wednesday 12/4/2019 SCCA. 1-3pm Private event

Friday 12/6/2019 Mary Hill Winery / Hollywood Schoolhouse Woodinville 5-8pm

Saturday 12/7/2019 SCCA Santa 9-12pm. Private event

Saturday 12/7/2019 City Of Kenmore Lighting and Market at the Hangar. 4-7pm

Monday 12/9/2019 Chateau Ste Michelle 5-7pm. Private event

Tuesday 12/10/2019. Children's Hospital. Santa. Private event

Wednesday 12/11/2019. Children's Hospital. Santa. Private event

Thursday 12/12/2019 Chateau Ste Michelle 5-7pm. Private event

Friday 12/13/2019 Milbrandt / Ryan Patrick Woodinville 4:30-7:30. Private event

Saturday 12/14/2019 Bellevue Square Mall at Robert Graham. 1-4pm

Saturday 12/21/2019. Au. Lake Wa Windows Co Christmas Party. World Trade Center. Time tbd

Monday 12/23/2019. Seattle Children's with Trentyn. 10am-12pm. Private event

Saturday 12/28/2019. Easy Monkey Taphouse. Shoreline/North City. 8-10pm.

Tuesday 12/31/2019. New Years Eve Party. Last day for Tai Ho before the close for good! 6:30-9pm

Friday 1/3/2019. The Cottage Bothell. 7-10pm

Wednesday 1/15/2020. The Cottage Bothell. 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday 2/1/2020. Lauren Ashten Cellars, Woodinville Wine Dist. 6-8pm

Friday 2/7/2020. Easy Monkey Taphouse. Shoreline. 8-10pm

Saturday 2/8/2020. Eye Of The Needle. Woodinville Warehouse Wine Dist. 2:30-5:30

Wednesday 2/12/2020. Children's Hosptial. 10-12. Private event

Friday 2/14/2020 Brian Carter Cellars. Woodinville 4:30-7:30. Private event

Wednesday 2/19/2020 1-3pm. Private event

Thursday 2/20/2020. Chateau Ste Michelle. Canceled

Tuesday 2/25/2020. Children's Hospital 10-12pm. Private event

Saturday 2/29/2020. The Cottage. Fundraiser for Guitars For Hope. Reservations recommended. 6-9pm

Saturday 3/7/2020 Robert Graham. Bellevue Square Mall. 1-4pm

Sunday 3/8/2020 Maryhill Winery Woodinville / Hollywood Schoolhouse. 2-5pm

Wednesday 3/11/2019 The Cottage Restaurant Bothell. 6:30-8:30

Saturday 3/14/2020. Molten Glassworks. Woodinville Wine Dist 7-9pm. Tickets available www.moltenworksglass.com

Friday 3/20/2020 Chandler Reach. Woodinville. 5-8pm

Friday 3/27/2020. Chateau Ste Michelle. 6:15-8:30. Member event

Friday 5/15/2020. Chandler Reach. Woodinville. 5-8pm

Saturday 5/23/2020. Molten Glassworks. Woodinville Wine Dist 7-9pm. Tickets available www.moltenworksglass.com

Sunday 6/7/2020 Maryhill Winery Woodinville / Hollywood Schoolhouse. 2-5pm

Friday, 6/19/2020 Maryhill Winery Vancouver WA. Uncle Reverb. 5-8pm

Saturday, 6/20/2020 Maryhill Winery Goldendale WA. Uncle Reverb. 1-5pm

Friday 7/17/2020. Chandler Reach. Woodinville. 5-8pm

Sunday 8/30/2020 Maryhill Winery Woodinville / Hollywood Schoolhouse. 2-5pm

Friday 9/18/2020 Chandler Reach. 5-8pm

Sunday 11/15/2020 Maryhill Winery Woodinville / Hollywood Schoolhouse. 2-5pm

Friday 11/20/2020. Chandler Reach. Woodinville 5-8pm


Aint That A Kick In The Head. Chateau Ste Michelle

Kick In The Head. Live Chateau Ste Michelle Release Party

Mike's Living Room: 
Sting Cover--la belle dame sans regrets
(beautiful lady with no regrets)

Mike's Living Room:
Here Comes The Sun

YouTube Video

LIve at Bellevue Square Mall
Fields Of Gold

Fields Of Gold

Hit the road Jack / Stray cat strut:

Live at Bellevue Square Mall
Nothing Else Matters / Chim Chimney / Billie Jean

Metallica / Disney / Michael Jackson

Instrumental recordings:
As the crow flies:

YouTube Video

Amazing Grace


Valentines Day--"Be Mine"


Michael’s love of music began at a very young age during a guitar class at a private school at the age of 12. By the time he reached high school he had begun writing and recording his own compositions and working with other musicians and artists on various projects.

Michael has decades of performing experience in numerous locations and venues throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“I believe it’s about the music- the love of music. Just so happens it’s on a guitar.”

For pricing or to book an event contact Mike:
206 229 4940