BOUY Family Genealogy

This site is dedicated to the development of the genealogy of the BOUY family tree.

This information has been compiled since 1998 with the help of individuals and resources from around the world in the hope of linking together the various lines of the BOUY family.

It is posted on the internet to make it available for all to share, correct and add to their family tree. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. If you are related to the BOUY family, please contact me at:

Your contributions are anticipated with delight - and I apologise in advance for any delays in responding due to work, family and personal commitments.

Information about the Bouy name:

Towns and parks with the name BOUY

Bouy Family Trees:

BOUY Family in Ohio, Utah, California, Idaho, Colorado and Florida

Lineage of the BOUY family line which is in Ohio, Utah, California, Idaho, Colorado and Florida

BOUY Family in Louisiana and Georgia

Lineage of the BOUY family line in Louisiana and Georgia

(Louisiana and Georgia trees merged on 11 May 2009 with the help of Judy Bouy Sheppers and Judy Trahan Dauterive)

BOUY Family in France

Lineage of the BOUY family in France

Other BOUY family websites

Listing of other websites with information about the BOUY family

Nye Family History:

My mother's maiden name is Nye, and I'm also participating in compiling the Nye Genealogy and Family History. For more information, see the blog at