Michael C. Bouy is a citizen of Australia, where he has resided since 1993, and also holds USA citizenship.

Michael is originally from the Rocky Mountains of the western United States where he obtained degrees in communications and marketing. He is a specialist in ecommerce project management and business process re-engineering.

Michael first gained experience in the IT industry while working at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) on a contract with the US Air Force. He oversaw preparation of proposals and engineering reports, and streamlined processes in system documentation and design drafting. Following this he was a marketing manager in the field of advanced composite materials where he introduced new business strategies, then worked on the telemarketing design for the DirecTV satellite broadcast network.

In Australia, Michael has worked on enterprise change management projects with Mobil Oil, BP, Southcorp, General Motors Holden and a subsidiary of Colonial Bank. While at Colonial, he was responsible for creating a corporate intranet and developing the front-end for online superannuation enquiries and contributions used on the websites of a dozen industry super funds. Following this, he prepared numerous white papers on broadband networks and VPNs for NEC.

Working with the headquarters of The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory from 2001 to 2007, Michael introduced numerous changes to take advantage of ecommerce opportunities, generating $4 million in 5 years with consistent annual growth of 200%. He also introduced a corporate web portal hosting 245 websites with distributed authoring by hundreds of staff, an extranet environment, online volunteer management, online shopping, online pledge program, and a web-based call center donation interface.

As a member of the Australian Domain Name Authority (AUDA) 2007 Policy Panel, Michael assisted in reviewing and recommending policy on key areas for .AU domains.

Since 2007, Michael has assisted clients in England, Germany, Sweden, Russia, USA and Australia.

Michael is a PRINCE2 Certified Project Manager, has been an invited speaker at multiple seminars and conferences, and taught numerous classes on ecommerce for the Fundraising Institute of Australia. Over the last 20 years, he has authored numerous magazine articles, software manuals and textbooks.

His wife, Elena, is a senior health economist, and was formerly employed by the National Academy of Science in the Soviet Union, where her mother was the chief engineer for cooling systems on the Soviet space program.

Michael C. Bouy

Sydney, Australia, February 2004Photo by Jennifer Rice forComperation Magazine