I am an Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Economics of the University of Zurich and the Department for Social Policy and Redistribution of the ZEW in Mannheim. I am also affiliated with the CESifo, the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University Basel, and the GLO.

I am an applied microeconomist mainly interested in Public, Political, Labor, and Gender Economics.

Contact information:

University of Zurich

Department of Economics

Schönberggasse 1

8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Mail: michaela.slotwinski-at-econ.uzh.ch

Department Social Policy and Redistribution

ZEW – Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH Mannheim

L 7,1

68161 Mannheim, Germany

Mail: Michaela.Slotwinski -at- zew.de