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Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok

posted Jan 17, 2010, 8:04 AM by Kawai Loh   [ updated Jun 12, 2012, 1:29 AM ]
(Originally published in September 2007.  The Hotel has since been renovated and revamped)
Bangkok is vibrant convention city.  It is supported by large convention and exhibition facilities and many local and international hotels.  However, for a conference and exhibition of about 400-600 participants, major convention halls are way oversized, while hotels with the capacity to house such events are far and few between.  Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok is about the only few hotels that can cater to an event of this size.


Situated along the Chao Phraya River, Shangri-La Bangkok has a large ballroom at the lobby level and is supported by many smaller function rooms that are ideal for breakout sessions.  The Grand Ballroom, newly carpeted in late 2005, is able to fit 600 pax classroom style.  Its high ceiling ensures that projection screens can be seen by audience from all angles.  The Grand Ballroom has the flexibility to be partitioned into Room I, II, and III seating 330, 180 and 180 persons respectively classroom-style.  However, none of the rooms are exactly regular-rectangular shaped, making it somewhat difficult to centralise the stage and seating arrangement in relation to the built-in projection screen.  Hence, depending on the configuration of the partitions, it is advisable for event organizers to rent separate projection screen(s).


The large ballroom is served by an equally large pre-function foyer and a very wide corridor.  This grand foyer and corridor has more than sufficient space for registration area and cocktail.  They can even serve as exhibition space when necessary, although the height is too low for booths towering above 2.8 meters.


Similarly, the function rooms on the lower lobby level are also served by another large pre-function foyer.  In addition, there are also function rooms at the adjoining Krungthep wing of the Hotel.  Together with its many restaurants, café, cruise and lounges, Shangri-La Bangkok is more than capable of housing several events at one time, or holding a grand event with plenary conference, exhibition and multiple simultaneous breakout sessions.