Other things and links

Other things and links


Associate Editor, European Economic Review

FNRS, the Belgian equivalent to the National Science Foundation

The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

I presided the ENTER Network for a number of years

I chair the Masters in Economics at ULB


Jointly with Laurent Bouton and Garance Genicot, I worked on a global political economy project for the World Bank

I am a member of the Scientific Board of the Price Observatory

I am a member of the Scientific Board on National Accounts for the National Bank of Belgium

Member of the EPSA council (2014-2017)

I worked for EERC-Russia and the World Bank's Global Development Network.

I am very interested in the problems related to the political economic of economic reforms

I work on tax reforms with Gaëtan Nicodème and Paola Profeta

I co-edited three books on the topic:

  1. "Le défi des réformes structurelles"
  2. "Réformer sans Tabous", with Jean Hindriks
  3. "Structural Reforms without Prejudice", with Tito Boeri, Riccardo Faini and Vincenzo Galasso

I worked regularly for the Bertelsmann Stiftung, on the Bertelsmann Reform Index for Belgium

Interesting Webpages: