Who are we?

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We seek to be an open door Church to everybody and anybody,

sharing our faith and being sensitive to the community in which,

with us, we believe God is present and active.

What are we? Who are we?

What is the United Reformed Church?

Here's a very brief introduction...

The URC was formed from different Christian traditions. We have about 1,600 local congregations across the UK. We believe that all Christian churches belong together as one, and we try constantly to establish common ground, which can bring us close together.

We're rooted in a western tradition of Christianity in which each congregation arranges its own worship, membership and administration ­and determines the adoption of its Minister. We practise both infant and believer's baptism and celebrate Jesus' last meal with his disciples, which we call "communion" - breaking bread and sharing wine, using tiny individual cups, so everyone can eat and drink together.

We are a church, (a gathering of people, not just a building), believing in Jesus, a person born 2000 years ago, who helped people to understand God; in many ways still present when we meet.

We believe everyone should receive justice and we try to follow what Jesus taught, understanding that God transforms people and situations with His creative spirit. We wrestle with the endless questions, which this raises. We support initiatives here and abroad to change conditions for people less well off than us.

We at Muswell Hill are changing gradually, trying to determine what work we should begin in Haringey, which would be relevant and helpful. We welcome new faces. We would love to see more children here. We value discussion and appreciate new people and opinions. Most of us are trying to get to know and understand each other. We come from varied places, backgrounds and orientations. We find great friendships in our diversity.