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Sorry for the technical issues!  Google deleted the old Timers Website because it had not been updated to their new website format.  Select your time zone below and update your book marks!

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This is a website of tools and information about the game MouseHunt, featuring the helpful MouseHunt Timers, a live spreadsheet updated every few minutes which displays many important features of the game that vary in time, such as when certain Locations are open or closed to hunters.  

Explanation for each section of the MouseHunt Timers

There is a Timers page for Time Zones of players all around the world which quickly and easily displays this information on a mobile device or computer.  The Timers also contain important information about other Special Events in MouseHunt.  Simply go to the Time Zone page and select your current time offset from GMT/UTC time to see.  Links at the top of the page offer other helpful tools and information about the game, as well.

Happy Hunting!

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