Directions to the Histed laboratory

Please come to building 35 and call us. You'll need to go through security at the NIH Visitor Center (right near the Metro). You will need an ID (see below.) It's about a 15 minute walk from the visitor center to get to us.

Security timing: It often can take 15 minutes or so to get through security on foot or via Metro. If driving or in a taxi, you can go through the vehicle inspection and wait, but they suggest giving an hour for that process. It is often faster than that.

Forms of ID:

US citizens and permanent residents: We apologize for the hassle but a driver's license is only valid if it is DHS compliant. As of May 2016, Illinois, for example, is not.

International travelers: Please bring your passport and a record showing you were invited to visit.

Other visitor info:

  • NIH Official Visitor Map site (with building index)
  • Hotels: The closest hotel as-the-crow-flies is the Doubletree Bethesda, about a 15 min walk from campus. The Hyatt Regency Bethesda is about a 25 min walk from campus, and is directly adjacent to the Bethesda Red Line Metro stop (one stop to NIH, about 15-20 min at rush hour, including getting down and up from the tracks and a typical delay for a train arrival). Both hotels offer federal hotel rates.
  • Airports: DCA (Washington National) is closest. Dulles and BWI both can be as long as a 1.5 hour drive at rush hour. The fastest way to get to NIH from DCA is via Metro: Yellow line to Red line to the Medical Center stop. Driving/taxi/Uber is a little slower especially at rush hour, but may have a less heavy-tailed duration distribution.

NIH map with directions, parking info

(Click map for larger view)