General informations:

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Copenhagen and the Centre of Symmetry and Deformation. My primary research focuses on derived algebraic geometry. In my spare time, I think about combinatorial geometry.
E-mail address: mhablicsek at My Cv is here.

Publication list:

Weak E2-Morita equivalences via quantization of the 1-shifted cotangent bundle  submitted, (2018)

Algebraic Geometry over the residue field of the infinite place (with Mate L. Juhász), Communications in Algebra, Volume 46, Issue 10, 4149-4173 (2018)

Explicit computations of Hida families via overconvergent modular symbols (with Evan Dummit, Robert Harron, Lalit Jain, Robert Pollack, Daniel Ross), Research in Number Theory, 2:25, (2016)

On the number of rich lines in high dimensional real vector spaces (with Zachary Scherr), Discrete and Computational Geometry, 55(4), 955-962, (2016) 

Formality of derived intersections and the orbifold HKR isomorphism (with Dima Arinkin and Andrei Caldararu), accepted in J. Algebra, (2014) 

Derived intersections and the Hodge theorem (with Dima Arinkin and Andrei Caldararu), Algebraic Geometry 4 (2017), 394-423

An incidence conjecture of Bourgain over fields of positive characteristic (with Jordan S. Ellenberg), Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, 4, E23 (2016)

Kakeya sets over non-archimedean local rings  (with Evan Dummit) Mathematika, 59, 257-266, (2013)

Power map permutations and symmetric differences in finite groups (with Guillermo Mantilla-Soler), Journal of Algebra and Applications (10) (2011), 947-959


Publications with PSL

Algebraic 3D Graphic Statics: reciprocal constructions, (with Masoud Akbarzadeh, Yi Guo), to appear in Computer-Aided Design (2018)

Developing Algebraic Constraints for Reciprocal Polyhedral Diagrams of 3D Graphic Statics, (with Masoud Akbarzadeh, Yi Guo), Proceedings of the IASS Symposium 2018, Creativity in Structural Design, MIT, Boston, USA, July 16-20, (2018).