"Improving the measure of the distribution of Personal Income" with David Johnson, and Dennis Fixler (2019) AEA P&P

"Testing the acculturation of the 1.5 generation in the United States: Is there a "critical" age of migration?(2019) Review of Economics of the Household Web Appendix

"Demography, Urbanization and Development: Rural Push, Urban Pull... and Urban Push?" (2017), with Luc Christiaensen (World Bank) and Remi Jedwab (GWU),  Journal of Urban Economics Web Appendix

Review of Economics of the Household  Online Appendix
(IZA Discussion Paper #8488)

Working Papers/Manuscripts under Consideration
Killer Cities and Industrious Cities? New Data and Evidence on 250 Years of Urban Growth” with Remi Jedwab, submitted.

"Sharing is Caring: Inequality, Transfers and Growth in the National Accounts", submitted

"Measuring Inequality in the National Accounts", with Dennis Fixler and David Johnson, BEA Working Paper 2020-3, March 2020.

"Distributing Personal Income: Trends Over Time", with Dennis Fixler and David Johnson. NBER Working Paper #26996, and forthcoming chapter in NBER-CRIW Volume on Measuring and Understanding the Distribution and Intra/Inter-Generational Mobility of Income and Wealth. 

"Valuing Housing Services in the Era of Big Data: A User Cost Approach Leveraging Zillow Microdata", with Scott Wentland and Jeremy Moulton, revising for 2019 NBER-CRIW Volume on Big Data for 21st Century Economic Statistics

"Accounting for Land in the U.S.: Integrating Physical Land Cover, Land Use, and Monetary Valuation with Z. Ancona, J. Boyd, K. Bagstad, J. Hass, J. Moulton, and S. Wentland R&R for Ecosystem Services

Chapters in Books
Determinants of Bilingualism among Children in Bridging Linguistics and Economics (2020) (ed. Vigouroux, Cécile and Mufwene, Salikoko). Cambridge University Press.

"Poverty and Shared Prosperity in Uruguay" with O. Barriga Cabanillas Maria Ana Lugo, Carlos Rodríguez-Castelán, and Lilian D. Sousa, in Shared Prosperity and Poverty Eradication in Latin America and the Caribbean (ed. Cord, Genoni, and Rodriguez Castelan), Washington, D.C.: World Bank.

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