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+381(011) 2505-062 head offfice fax

metalinspekt@gmail.com NDT lab

metalinspekt.import@gmail.com equipment, training & other


* Local certificates for RT in Serbia (personal and/or import/export devices)

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* Prices for Balteau equipment ranging from 17,500e (prices in Belgium)...

*Prices for Oserix equipment from 9,500e 
(prices in Belgium)...

* Prices for ATG line equipment (VT, ET, MT, PT and UT) from 7500 to 950000 ...

* Prices for indirect represents over ATG's (Sonatest et al.) Pfinder and Foma goods - available on request!

About company
Laboratory for NDT is the basic organizational unit of a company METAL INSPEKT d.o.o. Belgrade, which was established by the Decision on the internal organization of 03.01.2003. , and was organized to providing services and material testing of welded joints standard nondestructive methods, such activities the Association involved ONLY. 
The performance of nondestructive testing laboratory for IBR is responsible, using the standard requirements ISO / IEC 17025, and requests arising from all the positive regulations issued by the competent country authorities regulating this type of activity, the needs of users, the administrative bodies that adopt regulations and organizations that carry out the procedure of recognition. 

In this sense, the Laboratory for IBR consists of: 

-radiographic and visual examination-dimensional. 
-ultrasound and vacuum tests and
-magnetic flux, penetrants testing, surface testing using metallographic replicas and hardness testing of materials. 
-many other such as chemical analyse of material PMI (see our scope on www.ats.rs)


ATG - Chez company (NDT equipment in 5 countries)
Foma - Chez company (
industrial films and chemicals 
in 7 countries
 Pfinder - German company (MT&PT chemicals in 6 countries)
 Balteau - Belgium company (X-ray tubes in 5 countries)
 Oserix - 
Belgium Company (Gamma Equipment & Sources 
in 7 countries)

Starmans - Chez company for UT equipment (Balkan region).