Merthyr. The beautiful Victorian church of St Martin and St Enfail at Merthyr near Carmarthen is keeping alive a Christian tradition unbroken since the days of saints and martyrs. A Dark Age settlement became the site of a mediaeval, monastic outpost and, for the past 472 years, a thriving parish church. Merthyr is part of the St Davids Diocese of the Church in Wales.

Merthyr has close links with Bridget Bevan née Vaughan (right), the educationalist and philanthropist who in the Eighteenth Century helped make Wales one of the most literate nations in Europe. Most of the services are bilingual.   

Services in May 2017

28th May 2.30pm Joint Holy Eucharist.

Remember: Thursday 1st June, 7pm Pie and Pudding at Plough and Harrow. 

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