The hall was built as a a memorial to those who fell during the first world war. The site was given to the village by Edward Bather of Nobold House with the hall opening in October 1921.

A roll of honour  was presented to the hall by the Meole Brace literary and debating society in 1922.

Pictures from the past

Meole Brace FC 1914
Meole Brace F.C 1914

Meole Brace Church 1250-1799
This is the second church, which stood from 1250 to 1799. There have been 4 churches on this site, the first a Royal chapel which belonged to Queen Edith, Edward the Confessor’s wife as she held the Manor of “Melham”. The third church, completed in 1799 was evidently not well-loved and to avoid expensive repairs was replaced by the splendid edifice we know today which was consecrated in 1869.

Meole Brace church hand-bell ringers

Early twentieth century hand bell ringers outside the present church.

Meole Brace Alms houses

Evans Hospital and Alms houses built in 1844, rear view as approached from Upper Road.

Meole Brace iron bridge 1812

The old Iron Bridge over the Rea brook, built in 1812 for Thomas Telford by William Hazledine in Coleham.

Meole Brace bridge and roundabout 1933

Iron and concrete bridge over the Rea brook, replacing Telford’s bridge to provide wider access for the 1933 A5 bypass. Evans’s Hospital front aspect is visible in the background. Note the tiny Meole roundabout in the foreground.

E Williams blacksmith meole brace 1907

Edwin Williams, the local blacksmith on Lower Road c. 1907. Mr Williams and apprentice are in the gateway.

Downes Garage Meole Brace
Downes Garage pumps Meole Brace
Motor garage and petrol station operated by Edward Arthur Downes, Photographs probably taken just before the Second World War, but after 1933 as it is not in the picture with Meole Island.

Meole_Brace Peace_Memorial_Hall,
6 Dec 2016, 03:25
Meole_Brace Peace_Memorial_Hall,
6 Dec 2016, 03:25