Welcome! This is a personal website created and maintained by Dr. Meng Tian, postdoctoral fellow in the FOALAB Group at Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford. You will find here my research interests, highlights, and some of my professional activities.

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My research centers on two-phase flow dynamics, with its application to both metamorphic fluid percolation (e.g., porosity waves) and porous melt migration, as well as the two-phase chemical interactions along flow pathways. To resolve fundamental questions regarding mass (especially carbon) and energy transfer in Earth's lower crust and mantle, I adopt approaches from computational thermodynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, and petrology/geochemistry. You can find more in the RESEARCH section.

I am broadly interested in geodynamics, petrology, geochemistry, and relevant scientific computing. My past advisory committee is accordingly interdisciplinary: Prof. Jay Ague is my advisor. Prof. David Bercovici, Prof. Jun Korenaga, Prof. Danny Rye provide me with perspectives from geodynamics and geochemistry.