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New book: Apostolou, M. (2017). Sexual selection in Homo sapiens: Parental control over mating and the opportunity cost of free mate choice. New York: Springer.


Recently published papers:

Apostolou, M. (2019). Does fraternal birth order predict male homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexual orientation with same-sex attraction? Evidence from a Greek-speaking sample from Greece. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Advance Online Publication

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Apostolou, M., & Panayiotou, R. (2019). The reasons that prevent people from cheating on their partners: An evolutionary account of the propensity not to cheat. Personality and Individual Differences, 146, 34–40.

Apostolou, M., Paphiti, C., Neza, E., Damianou, M. & Georgiadou, P. (2019). Mating performance: Exploring emotional intelligence, dark triad, jealousy and attachment effects. Journal of Relationships Research. Advance Online Publication

Apostolou, M., (2018). The evolution of same-sex attraction in women male tolerance to same-sex infidelity. Journal of Individual Differences. Advance Online Publication

Apostolou, M., Shialos, M. & Georgiadou, P. (2019). The emotional cost of poor mating performance. Personality and Individual Differences, 138, 188-192.