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                           New book: Apostolou, M. (2017). Sexual selection in Homo sapiens: Parental control over mating and the opportunity cost of free mate choice. New York: Springer.



                             Recently published papers:   

Apostolou, M., Wang, Y. & O, J. (2018). Do men prefer women who are attracted to women? A cross-cultural evolutionary investigation. Personality and Individual Differences, 135, 31-39.

Apostolou, M., Constantinou, C. & Anagnostopoulos, S. (2018). Reasons that could lead people to divorce in an evolutionary perspective: Evidence from Cyprus. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage. Advance Online Publication

Apostolou, M. & Christoforou, C. (2018). Same-sex attraction and contact in an opposite sex partner: Exploring sex, religiosity, porn consumption and participation effects. Personality and Individual Differences, 131, 26-30.

Apostolou, M. & Wang, Y. (2018). Parent-offspring conflict over mating in Chinese families: Comparisons with Greek Cypriot families. Evolutionary Psychology, 16.

Apostolou, M. & Hadjimarkou, M. (2018). Domains of motivation in men and women for initiating and terminating procreation in an evolutionary perspective. Marriage & Family Review. Advance Online Publication

Apostolou, M. & Christoforou, C. (2018). The evolution of same-sex attraction: Exploring women's willingness to have sex with other women in order to satisfy their partners. Personality and Individual Differences, 124, 135-140.