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Book Anounced: Apostolou, M. (2020). The evolution of same-sex attraction. New York: Springer.

Recently published papers:

Apostolou, M., Aristidou, A. & Eraclide, C. (2019). Reactions to and forgiveness of infidelity: Exploring severity, length of relationship, sex and previous experience effects. Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology. Advance Online Publication

Apostolou, M. & Wang, Y. (2019). The association between mating performance, marital status, and the length of singlehood: Evidence from Greece and China. Evolutionary Psychology.

Apostolou, M., Papadopoulou, I., Christofi, M. & Vrontis, D. (2019). Mating performance: Assessing flirting skills, mate signal-detection ability, and shyness effects. Evolutionary Psychology, 17, e3.

Apostolou, M. (2019). Men’s preference for women who like women: The effects of desire for sexual variety and willingness to have sex without commitment. Evolutionary Psychology.

Apostolou, M., Matogian, I., Koskeridou, G., Shialos, M., & Georgiadou, P. (2019). The price of singlehood: Assessing the impact of involuntary singlehood on emotions and life satisfaction. Evolutionary Psychological Science. Advance Online Publication

Apostolou, M. (2019). Does fraternal birth order predict male homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexual orientation with same-sex attraction? Evidence from a Greek-speaking sample from Greece. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Advance Online Publication