Listen to Yiddish | הערט זיך צו צו אַ ייִדיש וואָרט

The Yiddish Voice | דאָס ייִדישע קול (Mark David)

LCAAJ Collection of Spoken Yiddish at Columbia University (Mikhl Herzog)

The Interactive Database of Jewish Song | זמרל (Inna Barmash)

The World of Yiddish: Audio Stories | די וועלט פֿון ייִדיש (Sara Blacher-Retter and Leonard Prager)

Tapuz Yiddish Forum (try various links in left-hand column for additional selections)

Read Yiddish | לייענט אַ ייִדיש וואָרט


Lebns Fragn | לעבנס-פֿראַגן (Itzhak Luden)

National Yiddish Book Center’s Digital Library | נאַציאָנאַלער ייִדישער ביכער-צענטערס דיגיטאַלע ביבליאָטעק

Refoyl’s Yiddish Webpage | רפֿאלס ייִדיש וועב–בלעטל (Refoyl Finkel)

דער ייִדישער טעם–טעם

דער באַוועבטער ייִד

Today: A Jewish Newspaper, 1908-1939 | הײַנט: אַ צײַטונג בײַ ייִדן, 1908–1939 (Bob Becker)

Yugntruf – Youth for Yiddish | יוגנטרוף – יוגנט פֿאר ייִדיש (Meylekh Viswanath)

די וועלט פֿון ייִדיש

נועם סטאַריקס בלאַג [This blog is no longer active.]

בר פחתיס בלאָג

שולם בערגערס בלאָג [This blog is no longer active.]

קטלא קניאס בלאָג

Improve Your Yiddish | פֿארבעסערט אײַער ייִדיש

A Brief Introduction to Yiddish (William F. Weigel)

Der yidisher alef-beys (Sten  Vikner)

Schools (Iosif Vaisman)

A Yiddish Glossary (Leonard Prager)

A Basic Bibliography (Tsuguya Sasaki)

YIVO publications

Shtetl Library at the University of North Carolina (Iosif  Vaisman)

A User’s Guide to Yiddish on the Internet (Shoshke-Rayzl Juni)

Hebrew Computing on Windows (Tsuguya Sasaki)

Di Grine Medine | די גרינע מדינה (Hanna Luden and Willy Brill)


Other Websites | אַנדערע וועבזײַטלעך

The number of sites featuring Yiddish grows daily and sorting through them all takes time and patience. Fortunately public benefactors such as Judith Klavans and Mark David (see below) keep an eye on things and their sites may be where to begin. If your site isn’t listed, please send a note to Noyekh Miller.

American Yiddish-Language Playscripts (Library of Congress)

Arbeter Ring | אַרבעטער רינג

Arele | אַרעלע (Frida G. de Cielak)

Autobiography of Rose Leis (Yiddish and English)

Yiddish Typewriter | די ייִדישע שרײַב–מאַשינקע (Refoyl Finkel)

Benny Swartzberg’s Postcard Collection (Steven Weiss)

Der Bay | דער ביי (Fishl Kutner)

The First Yiddish Text Email Discussion List – all in Yiddish Letters | דער בליצבריוונשטעלער (Shoshke-Rayzl Juni)

The World of Yiddish | די וועלט פֿון ייִדיש (Leonard Prager)

Dora Teitelboim Center for Yiddish Culture | דער דאָראַ טײַטלבוים צענטער (David Weintraub)

The Yiddish Voice | דאָס ייִדישע קול (Mark David)

The Yiddish Word | דאָס ייִדישע װאָרט (Adam Rok)

The National Yiddish Theater | פאָלקסבינע (Zalmen Mlotek)

Gilbert and Sullivan Yiddish Light Opera

Harry Leichter’s Yiddish page

Honey and Arsenic: Alter Esselin (Joseph Esselin)

A Blog about Food | אין מױל אַרײַן (Eve Jochnowitz)

Index to Yiddish Periodicals | אינדעקס צו דער ייִדישער פּעריאָדיק (Eliezer Niborski)

Klezmer Web Page (Ari Davidow)

Linguistics Atlas of the Spoken Yiddish Language (Mikhl Herzog)

Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Music Archive

Shtetl, Yiddish Language and Culture | שטעטל (Iosif Vaisman)

Unofficial Cracow’s Yiddish Page (Magdalena Sitarz)

UYIP Home Page (Mark David)

Vilnius Yiddish Institute | װילנער ייִדישער אינסטיטוט (Vilnius University)

Virtual Ashkenaz (Ari Davidow)

Wolf Lewkowicz Collection (Marc Zissman)

Yankl Halpern’s Yiddish Page (Yankl Halpern)

Yiddish in America (Craig Abernethy)

Yiddish in France (La Bibliotheque Medem)

Yiddish in the Netherlands (Hanna Luden)

Yiddish Dictionary Online (Hillel Merkrebs)

Yiddish Forum (David Grossman)

Yiddish Home Page (AAST) [This link is broken.]

Yiddish Music Hall Project

Yiddish Sources in Historical Research (Gerben Zaagsma)

Yiddish Theatre in Australia (Alex Dafner)

Yiddish Theatre in London (The Jewish Museum)

YIVO | ייִוואָ

Yugntruf – Youth for Yiddish | יוגנטרוף – יוגנט פֿאר ייִדיש (Meylekh Viswanath)

If you want to see everything, you might try:

Google: Yiddish