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Why Participate in Mediation?

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is your opportunity.
Save Time

Mediation is your opportunity to resolve a dispute on your own terms. For many people, mediation is a chance to end a lawsuit in a way that minimizes time spent at court and saves money. For others, a mediated agreement can reduce further harm to their credit and avoid wage garnishments or other collections procedures. Whatever is most important to you, mediation can help.

Time is money. A legal dispute can take months and sometimes years to resolve through court. You might also need to take time off from work to come to court hearings and trials. Mediation is flexible and can fit into your busy schedule. Mediation can save you valuable time.

Get a better idea.
Reduce harm to credit report.

It's worth your time. Even if you've already tried to speak to the other party or you think the other party is unreasonable and will never agree to anything, the mediation process is designed to get each party to identify what they want and how an agreement can be reached. Even if you don't reach an agreement, you have had a chance to ask questions and get a better idea of the other party's position.

A court judgment could show up on a credit report for years. Mediation is a chance for the parties to agree on a way to resolve a dispute with a written agreement and avoid a trial.

Slam Dunk
Save money.

You might think you are right and that your dispute is a "slam dunk," but it may not be. Even if you think you are right and the law supports your position, it may take you up to a year or more to get a judgment and up to 10 years or more to collect your judgment from the losing party. Meanwhile, the costs of going to court and continuing your dispute will increase. Mediation is faster and can result in an agreement that ends the dispute in one morning or afternoon.

There are many costs associated with a legal dispute. Court costs, transportation costs, and taking time off from work are just a few. Mediation minimizes the time and money you spend trying to resolve a legal dispute.

Mediator Assistance

Face it, if you could resolve the dispute on your own you wouldn't be here. Many people need the assistance of a neutral mediator to identify the issues and to help explore possible options that will result in an agreement. If you decline to participate in mediation then the dispute will continue. This means that your case will move through the legal process or, if no case is filed, a party may file a lawsuit.

Mediation Programs

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