Summer 2019

If you are interested in swimming for 
Meadowglen swim team, 
please contact Carla Ficca at
Cell: 720-937-0873

PLEASE NOTE: Our practice pool is 10' deep & no matter the age of your swimmer, they must be deemed "water safe" to join the team.  "Water safe" will be determined by our coaching staff during the first weeks of practice--this requirement keeps ALL the kids safe during their time with us.

Order Cool MGST Apparel Gear:

Don't miss your opportunity to order new MGST gear 
for both the kids and parents
STORE CLOSED.  See contact info below if you have questions about an order.
Orders were Due Wednesday May 15th
(Orders placed before the deadline will be delivered SOON!)

Make checks out to MGST 
Questions please call 
Jen Downing 
Shirt Works
Winter Practice Rules:

Remember, from October 31 to the start of our season, Wednesday May 15th. 
 You may work out on your own
You may participate in Meadowglen swim team stroke clinics
You may NOT participate in coached workouts*
You may NOT swim in any meets or be affiliated with any other team*

*(Exception to the above rules is swimming on your high school team)