Remote-Controlled Man




X-ray shows bottle-shaped

object behind his left ear.

A former pilot closely linked to the CIA charges the agency tried to force him to do its bidding—by stealing his brain. ...

[He is] ... James Petit, 39.

The adventurer and soldier of fortune says that he has lived a chilling real-life version of the movie The Manchurian Candidate—in which a man is turned into a mindless robot who instantly obeys all orders and kills on command. ...

But while the Red Chinese in the 1962 film used brainwashing and torture to create their puppet, Petit claims the CIA made a robot out of him by inserting receivers in his brain. ...

Petit had trouble getting anyone to believe his incredible story—until court-ordered X-rays of his skull revealed a strange, bottle-shaped object.




“The quartz implants are like little radio receivers,” declared Petit, a Texan.[Note:2]

“I think the CIA was going to use me in a program to assassinate someone.”[Note:3]

Confirmed his lawyer, Roy Gelber:

“There are definitely foreign objects behind his left ear near the neck which radiologists conclude have no physical reason for being there.” ...

Amazingly, even though they were in the middle of nowhere, his girlfriend—who Petit later accused of being a CIA plant—suddenly turned up. ...

His sweetheart, he says, arranged for him to be taken to the burn center at the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research in San Antonio, Texas.

Hospital spokesman Ray Dery confirmed that Petit was treated there until July 2, 1982.

Petit insists that it was while he was a patient there that doctors placed the implants in his neck, face, arms, and ears—and he saw them do it. ...

“I saw this doctor working on my ear—with a drill in his hand, like you would drill a tooth with.”

When he asked another doctor why he was putting wires in his arm with a long needle, “he got red and blurted out it was only antibiotics,” Petit said.

“But they were wire implants.” ...[Note:4] [Note:5]

And, he charges, he’s by far not the only man surgically tampered with by the CIA. ...




Kathy Hamilton, Petit’s former attorney, has been quoted as saying he definitely worked for the CIA.

“That has been confirmed,” she said in an interview.

And attorney Alexander Martone, ... added: “I have direct confirmation that Jim Petit has flown for the CIA.”

[Note:1] Excerpts from Operation Crystal Ball, Jim Leggett, 1992, page 308. See articles about Petit in the Miami Herald on May 28, 1984 and in The National Examiner on April 30, 1985.


[Note:2] There are similar methods: “Engineers ... have eliminated the amplifier and replaced the speaker with a magnet that is only two millimeters [.08 inch] in diameter. ‘The magnet is mounted on a silicone disc, similar to a contact lens, which rests right on the eardrum, held in place by a thin film of oil.’ ... a wireless microphone ... will pick up sounds and convert them into magnetic signals that make the magnet vibrate. ... At the University of Virginia, Jonathan Spindel is bypassing the eardrum and middle ear by implanting magnets about 0.6 millimeters [.02 inch] diameter in the inner ear. ... Spindel’s device uses an electromagnetic coil to vibrate the implanted magnet.” – Popular Science, “Magnetic Implants Aid Hearing,” November 1994, page 38.


[Note:3] Sources revealed that individuals are conditioned to obey commands and speak words received by radio implants that they don’t know exist. The sound is calibrated to a low-volume that is experienced as their thoughts and it is not perceived as external input.


[Note:4] There are similar devices: “The purpose of this subproject is to ... evaluate the possibility of altering the properties of various interfaces (space-human tissue, etc.) involved in biological systems of interest in ways that will facilitate remote measurement ... of interest in connection with the problem of body antennas, personnel tagging, polygraphy and other areas. ... The investigation will be of ... materials and phenomena which could perform useful functions in miniature bio-medical sensors. ... Their fine dimension should enable filaments to faithfully transmit mechanical stress or pressure pulses of even high frequency with a minimum of distortion. Micro-filaments can penetrate tissue without surgery ...” – Project MKULTRA, Subproject 138, 11 October 1961, CIA MORI DocID: 17397.


[Note:5] Reports indicate that micro-filaments are injected next to people’s eardrums under anesthesia and serve as hidden microphone-transmitters. The electrodes broadcast nearby sounds, self-talk, and conversations without the implanted individuals’ knowledge.