Mind Control: 

Systematic control of people’s memories, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by others. It may involve ritual abuse.


 Ritual Abuse: 

Methodical and severe abuse of people with deception, training, and exploitation by others. It always involves mind control.




 Control and Abuse Sources 





and Groups








Cults and

Secret Societies

Gangs and

Organized Crime





 Control and Abuse Basics 1


Deception: Hidden and disguised recruitment, training, and activities.
Debility: Physical, biological, and psychological attacks weaken individuals.
Dependency: Tactics and drugs employed destroy self-sufficiency and force reliance on manipulators.
Dread: Cruelty and confusion techniques create depression, uncertainty, numbness, fear, and rage.
Dysfunctions: Methods cause memory loss (amnesia), blocking of awareness (dissociation), hypnotic trance, and mindless obedience.
Double Amnesia: Procedures make people unaware of their lost memories (amnesia for amnesia).
Derangement: Diminished thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are replaced with induced responses.





 Control and Abuse Methods 




Individuals are manipulated, isolated, and debilitated.



People are conditioned by disguised training, torture, drugs, electroshock, and hypnosis.



Tactics cause amnesia, dissociation, trance, and automatic compliance.



Controllers manage the people and situations.



Imposed behaviors are reinforced and events covered up.


Continuous Cycle






 Control and Abuse Results 





 Mind-Controlled People 


Dominate people by concealed methods.

Molded into roles such as informer, enforcer, courier, performer, lover, etc.

Use signals (post-hypnotic cues) to trigger conditioned responses.

Repeatedly react with controllers’ prepared behaviors.

The signals include gestures, lights, symbols, words, sounds, smells, touches, substances, etc.

Made to obey but don’t know the signals and believe abusers’ ideas are their own thoughts and motives.

Coordinate the exploitation and secrecy.

Usually unaware of the hidden conditioning, control, and activities.





Video excerpt from: CIA Mind Control, Conspiracy Files, The Discovery Channel, 2006.

1 Based on “Brainwashing, conditioning and DDD (debility, dependency, and dread),” E. Farber, Harry F. Harlow, and Louis Jolyon West, Sociometry, 1957, 20, 271-283; and Cults In Our Midst, Margaret Thaler Singer with Janja Lalich, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, Chapter 11, 1995.



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