McMullan Family in NZ

Thomas McMullan and Beatrice Howe-Johns 

Around 1899 - probably an engagement photo

This is a family history website centred on the descendants of migrants to New Zealand in the 1860s.  The four family streams that came together by marriage in 1899 are:

Their descendants now have many family names but the McMullan name was the dominant one in the first half of the 20th century, which is the current focus of this site.


Go to this page to read and download the information currently known about the early family. The McMullan Family in New Zealand is a book published in 2014 which tells the story of the families from arrival in New Zealand in the 1860s until the 1950s. You can read or  download a PDF copy of the book, or else order a printed copy.


Go to this page so see some albums of photos  including early family photos and the family reunion at Gabriels Gully in 2011. Plenty of space here for more photos.


The current McMullan Family book only covers the family up to the 1950s and concentrates on just the children of Thomas and Beatrice. It has been a good save to record what is remembered of the stories attached to those people and places. But there will be many more stories from the latter half of last century - plus the things happening this century. The stories can be lost unless written down. 

Military Service: The NZ Defence Force will supply a free copy of the military records for deceased servicemen and servicewomen. Has information about where people were stationed during WW1 or WW2, plus ships and dates. Contact NZDF 


email: will be directed to Randall McMullan