North American Sales Brochure

PDF download

Service Manual - North America Original Honda

(42MB) (Does not include wiring diagram)

Wiring Diagram - North America model

UK and USA Wiring Diagram
(can I get a volunteer to make this thing color? Needs to be a quality job just the the North American one above)

Owners Manual - North America Original Honda

Parts Diagrams - North America Honda w/part numbers

Please Note: All part #'s are included in these diagrams, many of which are discontinued

Google Docs Link - 1982 Honda MB5 Microfiche

Tear-Down Images from the Service Manual - 1982 Honda MB5 (North America)




Front Wheel/Suspension

Transmission & Crankshaft

Rear Wheel/Suspension

Wiring Diagram for charging system and ignition (Simple, by system)