What is STEM&M?

STEM is a national movement towards Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in education.  At Mazama High School, we’re all about STEM, but we’re also leveraging our community’s unique resources and educational partners in the area of health science. We are partnering with Oregon Tech for this program.  This allows us to add an additional “M” for Medical pathways as well.

Mazama’s STEM&M program is application based and begins in a student’s sophomore year. Students complete a rigorous, college prep curriculum and one of several unique STEM&M Pathways.  The STEM&M faculty work together to create a collegiate environment and sponsor multiple extra-curricular activities for STEM&M participants each year.  
STEM&M is a great place for aspiring students with an interest in science, engineering, and/or medicine to work together. Students who complete the STEM&M program will meet Oregon Tech admissions requirements along with those of most four year universities.

Our Mission:
Provide quality STEM&M related experiences for students which incorporates hands on learning that pushes them outside their comfort zone, utilizes community partnerships with professionals in industry and maintains the support and mentorship that spurs student success.