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Welcome to my website

I am an economist currently working in the Market Operations Directorate at Bank of Italy. Before joining the Bank, I was Post Doc Research Fellow at Roma Tre University (Department of Economics), Sapienza University of Rome (Department of Economics and Law) and University of Trento (Department of Economics and Management, MacFin group ), Teaching Fellow at University of Bristol (Department of Economics) and Research Assistant at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies - LEM (Pisa), where I also earned a Ph.D. in Economics.

My research interests include banking, financial markets and financial stability, firm performance & corporate financial structure, monetary economics and monetary policy, public debt management.

Massimo Molinari
Market Operations Directorate
Banca d'Italia
Via Nazionale 91, 00184 Roma (IT)


This is my personal website. Any views expressed here are personal and do not reflect the views of my current affiliation.