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Just Concepts, all concepts are based on some loose facts that are almost accurate.

If the Internet was expected to be eliminated within 30 Days and you had been given the task to print every page currently hosted on the Internet in paper format and stack the pages into a building similar to a library, how tall would the stack of paper be?
If every page currently hosted on the internet was printed and placed into a neat stack, the stack would be very tall and require a paper weight to avoid blowing over.  In fact the stack would tall enough while sitting on the ground, the stack would stretch from the Earth’s surface to the Sun’s surface, if that were possible of course.  That would be where our first stack would have to stop, and then we would start on our next stack.  You would need to start three more stacks of the same height before all pages currently hosted on the Internet were printed.

Packet Switching Network
An exciting concept to think about.  The Internet has only been experienced by a couple generations of humans.  Two years before I was born there were approximately 235 computers on the internet, the year I was born there where approximately 1024 computers on the internet, and has grown exponentially large from there.  Its exciting to put into perspective how young the packet switching architecture really is, it feels like the Internet has been around forever, and it has been for my entire existence.

Operating Systems
Windows XP developed in 2001, contains around 45 million lines of code.  If you were required to write and print out on paper in single space, size 12 font, 45 million lines of code, your final print job would be
nine-hundred-thousand pages long.