Recent Work

ALKO: TV Commercial                                             Mercedes SLS: Personal Project
KUKA: Facebook Application                            Gutfried: TV Commercial

For all four Projects i did the modeling in Maya and XSI, Shading, Lighting, Rendering in Mental Ray and Compositing (Nuke and Fusion)

QNB Awaking dreams commercial

For this commercial i did the texturing, shading, sculpting and rigging for the rusty and clean robots. (Maya, Vray, Mudbox)
Commercial on Vimeo

Pro7 City - television                                                           Personal Project: Charackter animation tryout    

 lighting, shading and compositing and 70% of the modelling.         Manikin and live action footage. (Maya, PFtrack, Nuke) (Klick for Animation)

Personal Project: 3D Illustration

"The Little Things in Life"                                                                               Chief Work in Progress

Einhell TV-commercial
I did all the 3D Work and the precompositing in Nuke. I also did the VFX work on Set (HDR Panorama, Greenscreen and Trackingmarker,
Photos)  (Klick for Animation)

Short animation - Hummingbird in a Paper-World - Personal Project

(Klick for Animation)

Live-Action and CG (Maya, Nuke) - Personal Projects
(Klick for Animation)

practicing and work in Progress
(sculpting, painting, conceptart)

Asset creation for personal 3D Illustration. Concept done

Character test- sculpting and quick conept for modelling                 1 hour eyeballing - speedsculpting of a skull

Speedsculpting and modeling/sculpting work in Progress

Skeleton - modeling in 3dsmax - 2009                                          

Digital sketching in Photoshop

3D - Models

(Maya, 3dsmax and XSI)

Some of the Models i did for the Mediamarkt Commercials 2010/2011