Matthew Wright

Brief Bio

Matthew Wright, PhD, is a Professor of Computing Security and Director of the Center for Cybersecurity at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Dr. Wright earned his PhD in Computer Science at UMass Amherst in 2005 and previously worked as a faculty member in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington from 2005-2016. He is the winner of a NSF CAREER Award.

Contact Info


Phone: (585) 475-5432

Address: B. Thomas Golisano College of Computer and Information Sciences

152 Lomb Memorial Dr.

Rochester, NY 14623


I conduct research in computer and network security, with a focus on distributed systems and usable security. In particular, I have worked extensively on anonymity systems like Tor, password-based user authentication, peer-to-peer networks, and wireless sensor and ad hoc networks (now we might call this Internet of Things). I am also interested in adversarial machine learning.

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I am currently teaching a Computing Security graduate seminar (CSEC 759) on Internet Security and Privacy. Over the years, I have taught a lab-based overview course on Computer and Network Security (Information Security 1 at UT Arlington), a course on Cryptography and Network Security (Information Security 2 at UT Arlington), and a course on how to build secure software systems (Secure Programming at UT Arlington).


I am lucky to have taught and advised many students over the years. For brevity, I will just list the PhD students below.

Current PhD students:

  • Armon Barton
  • Md. Saidur Rahman
  • S. Maximus Seng
  • Payap Sirinam
  • John (Saniat) Sohrawardi

Graduated PhD students: