Me at Grand Tetons National Park. Photo by my wife, Bo Kim.

Recent News: Starting in the fall of 2014, I will be joining Northwestern University's Philosophy Department as a postdoctoral researcher for their Mellon Sawyer Seminar entitled Theoretical Issues in Social Epistemology.

I earned my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My dissertation, which I wrote under the supervision of Elliott Sober (Chair), Dan Hausman, Michael Titelbaum, and Peter Vranas, was on the topic of group rationality. Since 2012, I have been a member of the Philosophy Department at the University of Colorado - Boulder, where I've served as an Instructor and as the Faculty Teaching Mentor for the Graduate Instructors.

I am mainly interested in the problems that social phenomena cause for scientists and philosophers. For example, I am interested in the relationship between group rationality and individual rationality, the epistemic significance of disagreement, the difficulties for testing hypotheses in the social sciences, the impact of social structures on biological notions such as race, and the ethical considerations surrounding how race is used in science and society.