Forthcoming Richardson R, Pacelli L, Poggi A, Richiardi M (2018). Female labour force projections using microsimulation for six EU countries. International Journal of Microsimulation.
Recently published: Berton F, Mocetti S, Presbitero A, Richiardi M (2018). Banks, Firms, and Jobs. Review of Financial Studies.

Professor of Economics and Director of EUROMOD

University of Essex
matteo.richiardi [at]

Associate Member / Affiliate
Nuffield College
INET Oxford
Collegio Carlo Alberto

Recently published: Richiardi M (2018). The Code and the Model. A response to “The Code is the Model”, by Luzius Meisser. International Journal of Microsimulation.
Recently published: Delli Gatti D, Fagiolo G, Gallegati M, Richiardi M, Russo A (2018). Agent-based Models in Economics: A Toolkit. Cambridge University Press.