Forthcoming: Berton F, Mocetti S, Presbitero A, Richiardi M (2018). Banks, Firms, and Jobs. Review of Financial Studies.
Forthcoming: Delli Gatti D, Fagiolo G, Gallegati M, Richiardi M, Russo A (2018). Agent-based Economics: A Toolkit. Cambridge University Press.
Senior Research Fellow - The Oxford Martin Programme on Inequality and Prosperity
Institute for New Economic Thinking
University of Oxford
Eagle House, Walton Well Road, Oxford OX2 6ED, United Kingdom
matteo.richiardi [at]

Assistant Professor
University of Torino
Department of Economics and Statistics
Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100 A
10153 Torino, Italy
matteo.richiardi [at]

Associate Member
Nuffield College
New Road, Oxford OX1 1NF, United Kingdom

Carlo Alberto Affiliate
Collegio Carlo Alberto
via Real Collegio 30, 10024 Moncalieri, Italy

Recently publishedRichiardi M, Richardson R (2017). JAS-mine: A New Platform for Microsimulation and Agent-Based Modelling. International Journal of Microsimulation
Recently published: Grazzini J, Richiardi M, Tsionas M (2017). Bayesian Estimation of Agent-Based Models. Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control.
Recently published: Nolan B, Rahbari E, Richiardi M, Valenzuela Rivera L, Nabarro B (2017). Inequality and Prosperity in the Industrialized World. Addressing a Growing Challenge. Citi GPS Global Perspectives and Solutions.