Video coding:
  • H.264/AVC reference software download (link)

  • Joint Video Team (JVT) repository (link)

  • Video Quality Expert Group (VQEG) website (link)

  • Video Coding Expert Group (VCEG) repository (link)

  • Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC) repository (link)

  • (link)

  • National Telecomunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Video Quality Metric (VQM) software and documentation (link)

  • EPFL-PoliMI subjective data base for videos transmitted over noisy channels (link)

  • Multimedia signal processing group at the Instituto de Telecomunicações (Lisbon site) (link)

  • Instituto de Telecomunicações (link)

  • Image and Sound Processing Group (ISPG) - Politecnico di Milano (link)

  • YUV test video sequences

    • Arizona State University (link)

    • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (link)

    • (link)

    • Simon Fraiser University (link)

  • The Turing codec, an open source HEVC software encoder (link)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotic LAB (AIRLAB) - Politecnico di Milano (link)

  • Politecnico di Milano (link)

  • Instituto Superior Técnico (link)

  • SS United States conservancy, to protect the "Big U" from the scrap yard (link)
  • Dicionário e gramática da lingua Portuguesa - in Portuguese (link)

  • Conjugador de verbos para a língua Portuguesa - in Portuguese (link)

  • City of Maslianico - in Italian (link)

  • The Reign of Horror - in Italian - (link)

  • Fuori orario cose (mai) viste on Raitre tre - in Italian - (link)