Assistant Professor of Economics, Central European University (CEU), Vienna.

PhD (Dr. rer. pol.) in Economics, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, 2021.

Research Fields: Micro Theory, Behavioral & Experimental Economics, (Behavioral) IO.

Email: kosterm (at) ceu (dot) edu.

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Working Papers

Salient Cues and Complexity (with Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, December 2020)

Supplementary Material: Pre-Registration (including pre-analysis plan).

Optimal Stopping in a Dynamic Salience Model (with Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Jonas Frey, September 2021)

Supplementary Materials: Pre-Registration (Experiment 1), Pre-Registration (Experiment 2), Tourist Versions of the Experiments, Slides.

A Multivariate Salience Theory of Choice Under Risk (June 2021)

Steering Fallible Consumers (with Paul Heidhues and Botond Kőszegi, June 2021)

Revise and Resubmit at The Economic Journal


Attention to Online Sales: The Role of Brand Image Concerns

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Mats Köster

Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, forthcoming.

[Published Version] [Online Appendix] [Final Working Paper]

Coverage: WWU Münster.

To Buy or Not to Buy? Price Salience in an Online Shopping Field Experiment

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, Mats Köster, and Matthias Sutter

European Economic Review 130, 2020, Article 103593.

[Published Version] [Data and Code] [IZA Discussion Paper]

Coverage: Harvard Business Manager.

Salience and Skewness Preferences

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Mats Köster

Journal of the European Economic Association 18(5), 2020, 2057-2107. [Lead Article.]

[Published Version] [Online Appendix] [Data and Code] [Pre-Registration] [Replication (2021)] [Slides]

Attention-Driven Demand for Bonus Contracts

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt, Mats Köster, and Florian Peiseler

European Economic Review 115, 2019, 1-24.

[Published Version] [CESifo Working Paper]

Salient Compromises in the Newsvendor Game

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Mats Köster

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 141, 2017, 301-315.

[Published Version] [Online Appendix] [Final Working Paper]

Violations of First-Order Stochastic Dominance as Salience Effects

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Mats Köster

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 59, 2015, 42-46.

[Published Version] [DICE Discussion Paper]