The First Competition

For all previous problems and challenges, see the Competition Problems page.

The 2013 Event, the 1st Annual Math-Team-Matics on December 7th, 2013 was a challenge and a success. All the teams came with a generous, cooperative spirit and helped make the day the fun it was. We are so grateful to them, and glad they found it to be a good event.

Final standings:

Other results of note:

Individual High Score: Camil Suciu

Team Challenge: North Rockford (DI), West Catholic Team 2 (DII)

Relays: Northern Hills Team 1 & North Rockford (DI), West Catholic Team 1 (DII)

2013 Problems (pdf on Google Drive)

2013 Team Challenge Problems

2013 Individual Questions

2013 Relays Questions

2013 Quiz Bowl