November 8th, 2014


The first annual Math-Team-Matics is in the books! Coopersville High School swept the top two spots in Division II, while one of the Northern Hills Middle School teams bested North Rockford Middle School in the Division I finals. All-in-all, 15 teams came to Grand Valley on a snowy December day and a good time was had by each group.

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The competition is hosted by the GVSU Department of Mathematics and the Regional Math Science Center at Grand Valley State University’s Allendale Campus. The team fees go towards prizes and a lunch for students and coaches at GVSU’s Fresh Food Company. (A cafeteria-style restaurant.)

Inquiries about reservations can be addressed to Chelsea Ridge, RMSC,, 616-331-3172 or to any of the organizers listed below. Online registration is here; registration closes October 31st.

The competition features four different events.  More detailed event rules and calculator info on Event Rules. We begin with a Team Challenge, followed by an individual test, then the Team Relay with five rounds, and the finish is 3 rounds of math Quiz-Bowl-style.  Find out more at the Competition Problems or Event Rules pages.

This fun and friendly competition will feature creative and engaging problems to bring the mathematical practices to life and challenge the knowledge and understanding of competitors. Content for the competition will be drawn from K-8 mathematics, high school algebra, and high school geometry. Additional supporters can accompany the team – a lunch at GVSU’s Fresh Express is about $8. Schools may field more than one team as space permits.

When: November 8th, 2014

Time: 9 A.M-3 P.M

Cost: $65.00 for a team of 5 and 1 coach, includes the competition and lunch at Fresh Food Co. (This has a wide range of healthy offerings.)

Description: Open to teams of 5 students in 7th-10th grade. There is an upper division and a lower division competition, separated by average grade level of competitors.

More information
: Contact Chelsea Ridge, RMSC,, (616) 331-3172
Student Organizers: Sarah Jamison (, Andrew Otten (
Faculty Consultants: John Golden (, Karen Novotny (

Images from Wikimedia, or created by John Golden, Xavier Golden and Jennifer Silverman with some assist from GeoGebra.