Welcome to Math Superstars and Geography Stars!

You have come to the right place to learn more fun math and or to explore the world of geography!

Who can become Math Superstars?

Any student who thirsts for additional mathematics practice outside the regular classroom curriculum.  It's an opportunity for Kindergartners through 5th graders to enhance their journey through mathematics by solving challenging and fun problems!  Each participant receives a math worksheet on a weekly basis and have one whole week to work through it.  The completed work will be due one week later for grading!  The program lasts 25 weeks for 1st grade through 5th grade, and will start in October.  The Kindergartners will have a later start in January for a 10-week program.

Who can become Geography Stars?

Any student, from first grade through fifth grade, who has the curiosity to explore the world through his or her imagination, ignited by the participation in working through the weekly geography worksheet.  Students will receive "visas" that they can add to their "passports" as record keeping for their completed "travels".  Like Math Superstars, each participant will have one week to complete their paper travel through the worksheet.  The program will start in October and last for 25 weeks.

Who can propel our students to become successful Math Superstars and Geography Stars?

Yes, the Superheroes parents of our ambitious students!  These programs are run by our parent volunteers.  In order to make these programs successful, we need the committed help of the parents.  Not only we need to encourage our students to finish their work and turn in on time, we also need the parents to grade the papers in a timely manner so that the students can receive meaningful feedback for their work.   Please do sign up to be volunteer graders so that our students can benefit!  Thanks!

Geography Worksheets

Please note that Grades 1-5 have the same worksheet.  Thanks!

Instructions for Parents

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