A Fukuoka, 2011
My name is Nguyễn Thạc Dũng. I am a Vietnamese. Nguyễn Thạc is my family name.
My Chinese name is 阮碩勇.
You can call me Dũng () or Thạc Dũng (碩勇).
I prefer to put my name in order of traditional Vietnamese.

I was born in a small village near the Đuống river.
It is a suburban of Hanoi, the captial of Vietnam.
I love my village so much because
it was a very peaceful place with wide green fields of rice, farm produce, and soft streams.
When I was a child,
every day, I went to the preliminary school
and sometime I took my time at the fields to help
my parent harvesting agricultural produce, for example, carrots, corns, potatoes and rice.

I grew up from the fields as a pure farmer.
Then I got a bachelor degree and master degree both in Mathematics at
Hanoi National University of Sciences (shortly, HUS).
I did my Ph.D in Math at National Tsinghua University in Taiwan.
After my graduation, my friends called me a mathematician.
But I am a mathematical farmer, surely.

It is very nive to see you visitting my personal pages.
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You are welcome!!