Entrance fee:

Day Tour:      Php 150    Includes use of Tables, Public Showers, Toilet
Overnight:     Php 200
Room Rates: All rooms are good for up to 6 persons. In excess of 6 persons, there will be an additional charge of:
Php 150 for day tour per person or 
Php 200 for overnight stay per person

Air Conditioned Room                                  Php 3000-Php 3500 night
Standard Non-Aircon Room                         Php 2500- Php 3000 night
Native Non-Aircon Room                              Php 1700 night

Reservations and Information:
Ask for Resty Lainez

PLDT (02)984-7003
CP # 0907-200-5793 or 0919-341-9247
International prefix code +63