The Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program Directory


Master-apprentice (MA) language learning programs are crucial efforts in language revitalization, where language learners team with fluent speakers to learn an endangered indigenous language. MA efforts are also called mentor-apprentice programs or Master-Apprentice Language Learning Programs (MALLP).

This directory attempts to catalog the language communities where the MA approach has been used or attempted. Some of these programs are formal and some are not. Much more information is needed for almost all of the entries.

This list is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to MA. Instead, it is a first stop for linguists and language community members looking for answers to questions such as: Has the MA approach been used for my language of interest? For languages related to this language? For languages near my community?


The information in the directory needs follow-up, clarification, elaboration, and correction. Contributions are welcome from anyone interested in language revitalization. Email me anytime.

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