Masa Saito is Postdoctoral Research Associate of Texas A&M University, working with Dr. Ping Yang

Masa Saito started his career as a graduate student at the Department of Geophysics under supervision of Dr. Hironobu Iwabuchi. He earned a doctoral degree (equivalent to Ph.D.) in Mar. 2017. His dissertation title is "Development of cloud and aerosol retrieval methods using grand- and satellite-based measurements". His research interests include remote sensing of cloud and aerosol, and atmospheric optics on a basis of radiative transfer theory and statistics. In particular, he investigated relationship between aerosol optical properties and twilight grow (Saito et al., 2013; Saito and Iwabuchi, 2015) using a digital camera. He has expanded digital camera capabilities for remote sensing in atmospheric researches (Saito et al. 2016; Saito and Iwabuchi, 2016). Recently, his research interests extended to microphysics processes and ice particle shapes in ice clouds using satellite remote sensing techniques (Saito et al. 2017).

Current Affiliation

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University, USA

Research Interests

  • Remote Sensing of Cloud and Aerosol
  • Ice/Snow particle morphology
  • Cloud Microphysical Processes
  • Atmospheric Optics
  • Radiative Transfer Simulations


  • D.Sc. (equivalent to Ph.D.), Department of Geophysics, Tohoku University, Mar. 2017.
    • Advisor: Dr. Hironobu Iwabuchi
  • M.Sc., Department of Geophysics, Tohoku University, Mar. 2014.
    • Advisor: Dr. Hironobu Iwabuchi
  • B.Sc., Department of Geophysics, Tohoku University, Mar. 2012.