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         DAVID OLNEY

   Legendary Folk-Blues Performer/Songwriter, Netcaster & Published Author, too!   

“In the tradition of Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, Olney has become A PIONEER OF THE AMERICANA MUSIC SCENE.”  
The San Francisco Chronicle

David Olney's "Body Of Evidence" 3-CD Box Set includes:

ROBBERY & MURDER (Deadbeet Records)

THE STONE (Deadbeet Records) - David's second thematic mini-album release!  The collection features three previously released tunes completely reinterpreted (Jerusalem Tomorrow, Brays, Barabbas) and three new tunes (Brains, Flesh and Blood, A Soldier's Report) to round out the story. You've probably deduced what story is being told.....but this is in no way a religious thing. It's just another telling from a great story-teller.

FILM NOIR (Deadbeet Records) - SMOKY AS BOGART's ASH TRAY.Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY)

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•  EVERY TUESDAY:  David Olney's "YOU NEVER KNOW" weekly broadcast on! Watch previous episodes and tune in on Tuesdays by clicking here!

Though he's most reminiscent of Tom Waits... Olney evokes Buddy Holly and the Platters, conjuring up that classic era with AN AIR OF TIMELESSLESS.   Acoustic Guitar Magazine

• OL' DIZ: A Musical Baseball Story  - A Writers' Work-In-Progress                                                                                                    
      by David Olney & John Hadley     Based on a play by Ben Jones (a/k/a Cooter on Dukes of Hazzard & former Congressman), “Ol’ Diz: A Musical Baseball S
tory" is about legendary Hall-of-Fame baseball pitcher  Jay Hanna “Dizzy” Dean and his rollicking journey from barefoot cotton picker to national renown. The music was written by Folk-Blues recording artist David Olney & Smothers Brothers show contributor John Hadley (with contributions from Kevin Welch and Ben Jones).

Olney Unbound...part Baptist preacher, part caustic comedian, and part existential bluesman...Olney shouted, moaned and howled his sharply observed hard-luck tales and quirky characters studies. [Sergio] Webb, who looks like he stepped out of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, provided a dizzying array of textures, employing unconventional techniques." – MTV's