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We are all guilty of sin every now and then, but at Hell's Leak, your sins can be branded onto your soul... 

Bob is lazy and his old habits that once made him a loveable if odd "character" have finally run off all his friends. Stuck in a lifestyle full of selfishness and sloth, he can't really figure out what went wrong in his life. Getting a tattoo seems the perfect thing to help him start up conversations, impress new friends, get a girl or two into his bed. But entering the small tattoo shop on Sixth Street called Hell's Leak proves to be more than egotistical Bob expects. His new goat tattoo is not just visually impressive--it can walk, smoke cigars, and sounds a little like George Carlin. The problem is that it won't shut up and makes suggestions that slowly drive Bob insane. How far will he go to quiet the tattoo that now marks not only his skin, but his soul, too? 

Feed Your Soul is one of several short companion stories to Mary Ann Loesch's book Nephilim featuring Nathan Ink and his infamous tattoo shop, Hell's Leak.

Envy. It's one of the most common Seven Deadly Sins. For Karen Robison, it's a way of life. Vile thoughts. Trash talking. Gossip. Karen doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut. When she sits down in Nathan Ink's chair at Hell's Leak, she discovers that her own lies and envious deeds are about to be sewn up in a neat little package. 

Sort of. 

Step inside Hell's Leak, my friend. Nathan Ink doesn't just mark up your skin with a tattoo. He brands your soul. 

Silenced Envy is a short tale in the Hell's Leak series which features Nathan Ink, a character in the novel Nephilim.

Ah....vanity and pride. Often they go hand in hand. At Hell's Leak, Nathan Ink takes special pleasure in tattooing symbols that represent the Seven Deadly Sins. But Nathan's tattoos are not your average butterfly tattoo or Mickey Mouse head. His symbols not only mark the skin, they brand the soul. 

When vain Cassie gets a tramp stamp on her lower back in the shape of a mermaid goddess, she has no idea that it will change her. Literally. Getting a tail fin is just the beginning... 

Tramp Stamp is a Short Tale from Hell's Leak. These companion stories feature Nathan Ink, a character from the novel Nephilim by Mary Ann Loesch.