Where to add rejuvenator in asphalt plant?
How you add rejuvenator makes a big difference on asphalt performance. See why in the video and readthe nerdy science behind it in our new article. 

Designing asphalt for maximum performance

The video summarizes principles and advantages of using performance-based test methods for design and QC of asphalt mixtures. Full paper with detailed analysis: 

TED talk    
It was a lot of fun to participate in TEDx Riga 2015!  Besides explaining my research, I introduce a new superhero to the world: BituMan!  Be sure to let YouTube know what do you think of him :) 

How to reduce reclaimed asphalt variability
A full scale research was performed to determine the changes in variability due milling and reclaimed asphalt processing. This video demonstrates the test section and the research methodology.
Full results here.

Baltic Road Conference 2017
Presentation on effects of rejuvenator addition point in asphalt plant on properties of binder. Full text publication available soon at the publications section. 

100% recycling research summary

100% asphalt recycling provides a win-win situation: reduce environmental impact while saving money. But this only applies if the quality of the asphalt pavement is equal to a conventional asphalt. This short summary of my doctoral research describes the approach that was used to develop a method that would allow to design such mixtures, means to produce them, the results that can be expected as well as the benefits of 100% asphalt recycling. 

The technologies behind 100% asphalt recycling
100% hot-mix asphalt recycling is reality. Multiple asphalt plants have been designed in the recent years that allow production of up to 100% recycled asphalt. But having a modern asphalt plant is not enough. This video summarizes the technological principles for handling the reclaimed asphalt and designing the mixtures to ensure consistent high quality product. Historical experience with 100% recycling is also demonstrated

Full report on technologies that allow 100% recycling is available here

100% recycling as a business
At the spring of 2013 Worcester Polytechnic Institute organized a student business idea competition "i3". This event encourages graduate students to consider how their ideas and innovations could become the foundation for new products, new commercially valuable processes, and even new companies. 
The presentation of 100% RAP made it through two preliminary rounds rounds and was presented at the final to a panel of experienced businessmen. 

Eurobitume&Euroasphalt 2016 presentation

My take on the next steps for implementing high RAP recycling.

US Interstate highway system time lapse
Americas roads are not good because America is rich,
America is rich because American roads are good. 

Watch how the interstate system was build and how to save it from collapsing. 

100% recycling of asphalt in New York City

A plant designed by RAP Technologies is routinely producing 100% recycled asphalt in NYC since 2001. 

Interview before TEDx Riga
Interview (in Latvian) in a morning programme "900 seconds" of Latvian National television "LNT" before TEDx Riga 2015

Asphalt research at Riga Technical University
Riga Technical University has a modern asphalt testing laboratory and is taking part in multiple research projects as well as educating the next generation of road engineers (in Latvian).

TEDx Riga Story Hunt
The video was made for applying for TEDx Riga competition to find the one story that would join the invited speakers for presenting on TEDx Riga stage. It made it.