I know this should put this in images but this is a special occasion. Take some time and google Comet Atlas.

Greetings welcome to update,

Well, now that the foundation is on it's way and most of the observatory structure is now finished, the time for some make over is at hand.

Over the next year as funding becomes available I will be making improvements to the telescope mount to increase stability, to the drive system to improve tracking accuracy and a fully computer controlled focuser.

The end goal is to bring images captured here up to a quality level that will allow me to share them freely with anyone interested. Currently the imaging is acceptable but far from what one would deem publishable.

So, that sums up this first update, keep looking up and support the Lake Colorado City Dark Sky Project.


Finished the room addition to the observatory, now we have a control room for the scope and a small office for the foundation!

We have completed the new drive components and mount mods. Now when the winter lets up a bit we will test and model the new systems.

The next projects will require outside support and we are establishing channels to provide the funding for more advanced imaging the goal is to provide an image bank of quality deep sky objects for public use free of copyright or usage limits.

Feel free to donate we appreciate all support.