This site was created for two reasons:
  1. to be a portal to fun & useful things on the web. 
  2. to help the Marr family have their own place on the internet to share information and family events 
A computer is a machine that is capable of doing almost anything, so why not have a website that can do almost everything to go with it? With a line-up of Your favorite social networking sites, TV/Movies, Sports, Music/Radio, Books, Weather, News, Chat, and Games, what else do you need? (request it and it may indeed become part of the site) These goodies and more are compacted into a single site for your enjoyment. Feel free to look around & enjoy the features included on Marr Universe


There are a few fun things that have been added to the site just for visitors.
Check these links out...
If you have trouble viewing any of the content on this page (or any other page); just hold the control "CTRL" button while pressing the plus or minus ("+" or "-") buttons to resize the screen. Once the skulls are on each side of the welcome sign, everything should look ok. :-)