Best of Experiments with HTML5 & WebGL
THREE.SimpleDatGui - A Pure WebGL User Interface for THREE.js 
User interface rendered with THREE.js so that it can be displayed in Oculus Rift for both eyes. 

The browser captures the video signal and compares subsequent frames to detect motion of the user. 

in the Browser and Uses Device Orientation 
Finite Element Method Simulation running in a web browser and 
uses device orientation signals. 
You may start here with desktop browser. You may start here with desktop browser. You may start here with mobile browser.

YACA-Monitor 4.0 - In Situ Diagnostics of Java 8 Programms with 3D Visualization of Call Stack Dependencies
A Web Application that visualizes the activities in a running server with WebGL. 

Visualization of Artificial Neural Network
This experiment shows an Artificial Neural Network which learns to detect the frequency of the input signal independent from the phase.

You may start (here) with desktop browser.

How to Tunnel HTTP-Protocol with a Simple Java Proxy Server through a Firewall?
A small Java example which demonstrates a simple way to tunnel HTTP protocol through a firewall.