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Advanced Study Institute of the

NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme

Organized by

fortiss - the research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services

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Engineering Secure and Dependable

Software Systems

(Marktoberdorf Summer School)

July 31st - August 11th, 2018


Alexander Pretschner, TU München and fortiss, Germany

Peter Müller, ETH Zürich, Switzerland


Almost all modern technical systems rely crucially on software. Communication, transportation, financial services, healthcare, power supply, military defense, and many other aspects of modern societies require software systems that are both safe and secure. Safe software behaves according to its specification and, in particular, avoids hazards for the environment it is used in. Secure software ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, even when a system is attacked by an adversary. Both safety and security violations potentially cause considerable economic, political, and physical damage. So, improving our understanding of safety and security and, thereby, enhancing our ability to construct safe and secure systems is a vital challenge for our society.

The lectures in this summer school give an overview of the state of the art in the construction and analysis of safe and secure systems. Starting from the logical and semantic foundations that enable reasoning about classical software systems, they extend to the development and verification of cyber-physical systems, which tightly combine computational and physical components, and have become pervasive in aerospace, automotive, industry automation, and consumer appliances. Safety and security have traditionally been considered separate; however, several lectures in this summer school will emphasize their commonalities and present analysis and construction techniques that apply to both.

The application is now closed.

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