First Edition

This site contains utilities used and written by Mark Kintigh to aid in the running of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons™, first edition campaigns.

AD & D Assistant

LAST UPDATED: November 17, 2010 (new version 2.0.0; so something new was added)
The most comprehensive DM utility that I have written to date, and the only free one that can do all of this. This is not meant as a replacement for the books, just a better method to keep the game moving. Here is an overview of what it can do...
  • Notepad
    • A WYSIWYG ("what-you-see-is-what-you-get") notepad has been built into the program for keeping track of all of your notes in one place.
    • A lot of the windows will have an option to copy information to this window directly (i.e. treasure results)
  • Dice roller
    • The dice roller is actually and advanced formula calculator.
    • There are two version of this available. The first is at the top of the window. It will calculate one execution of the formula in the Calculator field. The other is a full window which will run multiple executions of a formula, "quick dice", etc.
    • To show the versatility of this function, here is what you can do within a formula....
      • Basic Operations
        • The valid operators within your formula are +, -, *, /, ^ (powers), and d ("die"). For instance, 3d6+3 will return the results of rolling three six-sided dice and adding 3 to the total.
      • Advanced Operations
        • The formula can also incorporate conditions by adding a ? at the end of the base formula, the condition (checking against the result of the base formula), a : followed by what to do if the condition is true, and another : followed by what to do if the condition is false. For instance, 3d6?>15:+1d6:+1 will roll three six-sided dice and, if the total is greater than 15, add an additional 1d6, otherwise add 1 to the total.
    • When using the full window, you can copy the results into the clipboard. When you do so you have the option to have the individual results sorted and summarized. This is really handy when you are rolling HP for an encounter. For instance...
      • You roll the 12, 2 HD (2d8, executions 12) and the results are: 6, 14, 9, 13, 3, 3, 7, 5, 5, 6, 8, 6
      • When you copy them to the clipboard as sorted and summarized you will get: 3 (x2), 5 (x2), 6 (x3), 7, 8, 9, 13, 14
  • Player and Characters
    • Store player's information
    • Store character information with a reference to the player
  • Creating adventuring groups
    • All of this information is kept for the individual group and character, so if you declare this group never exited all of the information stored here will disappear
    • Load a group to have a summary if the character for quick reference
    • Keep track of individual damage without letting the players know
    • Keep track of DM notes within a special area that only you can access
    • Keep track of experience earned by each player and hand it out at your digression
  • Dungeon Creator
    • This is a direct translation of the tables found in the Dungeon Master's Guide
    • References to page numbers in the various books are included in case there is more information necessary for what is rolled
  • Random Treasure Tables
    • This is a direct translation of the random treasure tables found in the Unearthed Arcana™ and the treasure type information found in the monster manuals and Fiend Folio
    • This will allow you to randomly roll magic items, either completely randomly or on specific tables, in whatever quantity you desire
    • You can roll the treasure type(s) for the creatures you encounter within their lair
      • If you have the Treasure Tracker open you can copy the results of the rolled treasure type(s) to it directly
      • When you select to copy the treasure you can select what and how much of each of the items you want to take
    • ** NEW ** Artifacts and Relics
      • Generate artifacts and relics on this new window.
    • Check for intelligence of weapons and, if it is intelligent, what special abilities exist
      • This is a direct translation of the tables found in the Dungeon Master's Guide
      • This ability is not connected to having specific items, instead it is just an option that you choose to run; therefore, if you do not wish to have any intelligent swords you do not have to or if you want to extend this to other types of weapons you can
  • Treasure Tracker
    • This is a specialized editor for tracking whatever treasure the party is carrying with them
    • You can save / load a group's treasure from a file, so you do not have to reveal anything you do not want to
    • This will allow you to track...
      • The standard coins
      • Gems and Jewels by type and value
      • Magic items, including special notes about an item, if it identified, etc.
    • This will also allow you to print a detailed list of all of these items
    • You can do a quick calculation for the total value and experience points of everything within this window
      • NOTE: I do not use the standard 1 gpv = 1 xp for coins and gems, so I added the option to change this ratio before calculating the totals (it defaults to the 1:1 ratio)
  • Money Conversion
    • This will allow you to convert coins from one value to another
  • Random Encounter
    • This is a direct translation of the tables found in the Monster Manual II
    • This will allow you to generate random counters by dungeon level or by the outdoor environment
    • Resulting encounters will tell you...
      • The creature(s) countered
      • The result of the "in Liar" roll
      • The book and page number where the creature can be found
        • MM for Monster Manual
        • MM2 for Monster Manual II
        • FF for Fiend Folio
  • Combat Tracker
    • This tool will help you keep track of combat between a group of characters and creatures
    • It will roll initiative for each creature, keep track of HP and damage
    • Randomly or manually assign what character is being attacked
    • When setting up a combat match...
      • you supply...
        • The creature's name
        • The number of creatures
        • The HD of the creature (for display use only)
        • A valid formula to calculate each creature's HP (see above for help)
        • XP base and xp per hit point (used to calculate xp for each creature)
        • AC (for display use only)
        • Attacks per round (for display use only)
        • Damage per attack (for display use only)
      • Press "Add it" and the system will...
        • Add an entry for each of the creatures
        • Randomly generate the number of hit points for each creature
        • Calculate the XP value for each creature
    • ** NEW ** Track the creatures' stun
      • Keep track of stun automatically for the creatures.  Once set, this will automatically decrease each time you roll initiative for the creatures.
    • ** NEW ** Handle characters as being "down"
      • If a character has been killed or is unconscious you want the creatures to attack someone else, right?  Mark the character as being down and randomly reassign the person being attacked.
    • If you have a group loaded you have the ability to...
      • Load the characters for this combat from the loaded group (this is not automatically done)
      • Add the XP for this encounter, evenly, to all of the members of the group
  • Experience Point Wizard
    • This is a direct translation of the tables found in the Dungeon Master's Guide
  • Graph Paper
    • OK, this is for those of us who never have enough of the stuff around
    • Print small, medium, large, and extra large 8½" x 11" graph paper
    • Choose from standard square or hexagonal paper
  • Name Generator
    • This will generate name for males and females
    • This will include a first name and a surname (last)
    • You can choose to replace half of the resulting name if you so desire
    • Gives to origin of the surname
  • View a variety of tables
    • You can display a variety of tables for quick reference
      • Armor Class table taken from the Unearthed Arcana
      • Character status for 3 - 25 for each ability and Comliness (taken from Legends and Lore™ the Unearthed Arcana™)
      • Saving Throws (from the Dungeon Master's Guide™)
      • To Hit tables (from the Dungeon Master's Guide™)
      • Undead Turning table (from the Dungeon Master's Guide™)
      • Standard Weapons (from the Unearthed Arcana™)
  • Alarm
    • This is purely to keep time from slipping away from you
    • This will set a time for an alarm to go off, reminding you of something (like time to wrap things up for the night)
  • External Applications
    • You can set the program to launch external applications, such as Windows' calculator, from a menu within the application
  • Weather generated (added 2009-07-22)
    • Generate weather according to region and season
  • Dungeon Dressing (added 2010-05-10)
    • Generates random items that might be found in the room, its air quality, odors, etc. (tables from the Dungeon Master's Guide™)
  • ** NEW ** Added NPC generator
    • Generate the standard NPCs using the default races and classes
    • Can edit the classes and races or add your own!
  • ** NEW ** Creature Compendium
    • Add books and add creatures for quick reference.  In this version, the standard books have been defined, but no creatures are populated.
    • Export your books and creatures to share with you friends!
    • Import books -- replacing, adding to, or updating existing books or adding new ones!
  • ** NEW ** Feature:  The application now remembers your window settings!
    • Setup the application's windows, load your groups, load the Treasure Tracker and its file, get everything just the way you want it then exit the application.  Next time you load the application all of the windows will come back just the way you left them, where you left them, and with the information you had loaded.
  • ** NEW ** Management utility
    • Use the management utility to backup/restore your database, individual pieces of the database, reset certain tables, compact to database to save space, or reset your startup window options.
  • Version 2.0 includes some bug fixes that I have found during play
Download the AD&D Assistant
  • Application only
    • This assumes that you have the Visual Basic 6 run-time modules with service pack 6 applied
    • file below
    • Full install
      • This package includes both the application and Visual Basic 6 runtime modules with service pack 6 applied
      • file below
    • Database
      • Some people where having trouble with the system generating a new database.  I've included a copy of the database below (
    This application was written using Visual Basic 6 without any plans on upgrading it to .NET (yet).
    Windows 7 Note
    I have verified that this runs on Windows 7 without the XP compatibility mode; however, I recommend that you tell your system to run it compatible to "Windows XP" (browse to the application, right-click on it, and select the compatibility setting).

    Middle Earth Role Playing System Critical and Fumble tables

    OK, so a MERPS critcal and fumbles table roller is not part of AD&D, but it has some really cool criticals and fumbles on it!

    If you want this, download file below.

    This was written using Visual Basic .NET (.NET 3.5 framework), so it will work until Microsoft decides .NET is obsolete.

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