Registration has begun and will close November 30, 2016

posted Aug 12, 2015, 4:14 PM by Marion Soccer Club   [ updated Nov 10, 2017, 1:48 PM ]

·       Registration for the 2017-2018 season has begun - with a new user friendly site!

·       Please help spread the word!  We are looking for second graders who are old enough, up through current eleventh graders.

Here is the new site to register:

·       Initial cost is $25 (due by December 17, 2017).

·       If your player makes it onto a team the total cost is $125, due April 6, 2018.

·       No late registrations will be accepted without Executive Board approval.

·       There will be no refunds.

Changes in store for 2015-2016

posted Jul 23, 2015, 1:28 PM by Marion Soccer Club

*      There are only three reasons to Secondary a player (make a player a member of two teams):

1.    The roster for a team is low (14 would be a low number, and would suggest adding two or three highly skilled players from the lower age level to ensure there is a solid team.)

2.    A player is a Primary player on another league and cannot play with Marion Soccer Club unless they are Secondary players.

3.    The player fits into the Club Discretionary Playing Up role.  An example of that would be a freshman who played 75% of every Varsity game.  That player should be Primary playing on their age appropriate team (U15), and Secondary playing on the U18 team.  If a player wants to play up, parents can contact the coaches and discuss options.  The coach will then inform the Registrar if the Club Discretionary rule applies.  Otherwise, tryouts may be required.

An alternative to having an excessive amount of Secondary players is using the Player Call-Up option. 

*      We are going to require each team have a Team Manager.  The Team Manager can coordinate these communications, and needs no knowledge of soccer – just organization skills.

*      Playing time has to be reasonable

o   U11 – 50%

o   U13 – 30-75% playing time

o   U15/U18 – minimum of 25% playing time

*      Flights need to be based on the average two years of scores

*      Blow-out games are unacceptable

*      We propose using uniforms for more than one season beginning 2015-2016.  We will ask the Juniors and Seniors to choose the 2016 uniforms.

*      We will not be subsidizing any indoor playing during the winter season.  As a club we would consider doing group skills classes as an alternative, if the funds were available.

*      Goal Keeping mentoring program

*      Practices will begin three weeks prior to the season beginning in 2016, with at least one team only practice a week.

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