Working papers

Contributions to Research Reports

Disability, Employment, and Public Policies Initiative (DEPPI)

  • "Physical Disability and Labor Market Discrimination : Evidence from a Field Experiment" with Charles Bellemare, Guy Lacroix and Steeve Marchand.

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Media Coverage (in French)

Le fauteuil roulant qui fait fuir les employeurs par Alexandre Duval, Radio-Canada (Press release)

Entrevue de Mme Goussé à l'émission Première heure (Live Radio Interview)

Entrevue de Mme Goussé par Bruno Savard pour le téléjournal de Radio Canada (entrevue à 28:47 ) : cliquez ici (TV Interview)

Research in progress

  • Assortative Matching in Canada
  • "Gender identity and relative income within households in Canada" with Maéva Zeïnab Doumbia
  • "Attitudes towards employment of individuals with disabilities. A cross-country comparison" with Maéva Zeïnab Doumbia and Sabine Kroger.
  • "Marriage gains : who should you marry ?" with Setou Diarra
  • "Do family values shape household resource sharing ? Structural evidence from East and West Germany ?" with Nicolas Jacquemet and Jean-Marc Robin
  • "Families, Bankers and the Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth" with Robert Gary-Bobo and Meryam Zaiem