Marinella Leone

Welcome to my web page!

I am Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Pavia in Italy. I previously worked as Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies ( University of Sussex) in the UK. I am a Research Affiliate of the Household in Conflict Network and a Fellow of the Centro Studi Luca D'agliano (University of Milan).

I am an applied development economist and use micro-level data for my research. In a recent project I analyse the benefits of an early childhood development parenting program on child development and parents behaviours in Rwanda. I am also working on topics related to education (with a focus on socio-emotional skills and inclusion) and gender-based violence.

I investigated the short, long-term and intergenerational impact of conflicts on health, education and domestic violence and studied the role of women in natural resource management institutions and child labor in Nepal.

Main topics of my research: early child development, education, gender (domestic violence, and women's empowerment), analysis of conflicts (long-term and intergenerational effects)


Department of Economics and Management

University of Pavia

Via San Felice al Monastero 5, Pavia

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